Today I should’ve been in South Wales doing my first enduro race of the season but thanks to the ‘Beast from the East’ (which led to a blizzard on The Lizard 😁), the first round of the Welsh Gravity Enduro Series was wisely called off.

I still could’ve got some race action in by entering the fourth round of the Woodlands Winter DH Series, but I mentally faffed too long and it was sold out before I decided one way or another. Still in need of some MTB fun, instead, I hooked up for ride with some of the guys from PENWITH MTB for a ride around the St Ives area.

I should’ve been on my Rallon but a rookie error (both pairs of brake pads worn down to the backing…I was sure I two spare sets, but I didn’t!) meant I borrowed a mate’s Whyte G160 for the day. A change of pedals, Garmin strapped on and seat post height tweaked, I was good to go.

Riding conditions three days previously were amazing!

Sunshine to start with and mild temps were a complete contrast to the snow a few days ago and after a quick play at the local old mine waste ground, a few countryside XC miles, followed by some ‘urban dh’ dropping into St Ives, we stopped for a pasty lunch in the sun…just gotta keep that crimped beauty hidden from them sniper seagulls…they know what’s good!

Nice view of the north coast… behind this idiot’s head

All that sunshine didn’t last though. A few minutes after we left the town, the temps dropped by 5°C as rain rolled in off the Penwith Moors and we hastily took shelter under a handy granite outcrop. With no rain on the forecast, I didn’t pack a waterproof. Rookie mistake number 2?! I really should know better.

Once it died down, we rolled over to the nearby hill, (one I’ve been meaning to check out for years but never actually got around to it), pushed to the top and rode a sweet downhill descent off the top – flowy, soft and loose in places, especially from the snowmelt dirt, and hard and unforgiving in others from the granite slabs poking out, ready to catch a front wheel. Note to self – I need to get my ass back there soon and ride those tracks again before they get lost to the summer bracken for months!

Taking shelter from the rain…again

Back to the van with 25 miles and 800m of climbing and descending on the clock for a good day of bikes…even if the MET Office’s ‘promise’ of no rain was waayyyy off the mark.

Last year was pretty sparse on local group riding for me and I’m definitely looking to get back in the mix more this year. New ride groups = new ride mates = new rides = new trails = more good times…which can only ever be a good thing…

…as are more pasty stops. 😉


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