Normally I go to bed around about midnight every night, and normally by two minutes past midnight, I’m sleeping like a baby. And sometimes probably drooling like one too. Not last night.

01:00. Still awake.

02:00. Still awake.

03:00. Still awake.

By 03:15, I was starting to think that sleep just wasn’t going to happen tonight, and when at around 03.15 it occurred to me that it won’t be long until sunrise, it reminded me of one of the things to tick off on my ‘things to do on a bike before I die/can’t ride anymore’ list;

  • Get up early and ride out to see a summer sunrise.

Now that that was in my head, I definitely wasn’t going to get to sleep now. Nice one brain.

So I got up, threw some kit on, got told by my other half to go back to bed, had breakfast and was out the door at first light aka 04.28.  Aka ‘stupid o’clock’.

I shouldn’t be up for another 4 hours…

Riding out to the coast on deserted roads with the only noises being the dawn chorus of the local bird population was a surreal but wonderful feeling. Reaching the coast, passing the odd campervan or dude sleeping in the back of his Corsa in the cliff-top lay-bys, the bright orange of sunlight was peeking through the grey clouds and on cue at 05.15, the sun was above the distant horizon.

Good mornin’

As expected, it was a great sight to see through my bleary eyes and if it wasn’t for the fact the clouds quickly covered the sky and prevented an amazing aerial display of colour, or the fact my left-hand crank fell off 2 minutes before (new transmission hastily installed the day before!), or that it rained on the way back, I would’ve said it was well worth getting up for!

But actually, it was kind of worth it if only to have the roads completely to myself, to be serenaded by early birds catching the worms and to tick off something from my imaginary list.

I’d love to get up again that early and have the world to myself and maybe I will another time, (when I set out with the intention to do so rather than because I’m suffering from a rare case of insomnia), but for now….



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