I have to admit that recently the motivation to train for racing this year has taken a bit of a hit.

Up until the new year the mojo was higher than Snoop Dogg/Lion flying a plane over Jamaica, but then the cancellation of the British Enduro Series, my main priority for 2017, and some other things have left me feeling a little ย lot less eager to get in the gym. I have a programme to follow from a couple of years ago but just haven’t been feeling it this time around and with no-one to kick me up the arse, it’s been a struggle!

Things are the on the up though. Fellow Pearl Izumi Champion and owner of Performance MTB UK, Andy Hampshire is now helping to refocus my training with a tailored programme based on my commitments, riding type, fitness and race calendar.

It feels great to have Andy’s support and I’m looking forward to some proper structured training and getting my focus back on track!

The race calendar might now be a lot lighter than originally planned, but I’m sure the groundwork laid this year will help as the months go by and carry on in to next year, when life will be more settled and hopefully, we’ll have a national series again of some sort to race.

Here’s to getting fitter and faster and getting the mojo back!


Check outย Performance MTB UKย on their web site or also onย Facebook.


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