RRP: £69.99

Time tested: 3 months

Ok, so yes before anyone asks, I am on the Pearl Izumi team for 2017 and I’m looking forward to trying out and wearing their kit this year, but as things don’t kick off until next month, I think a review of the Endura jersey I picked up before the good news of being in the team, is ok. Got it? Good. 😁

Endura are one of the go-to brands for UK mountain bikers. Designed and built in Scotland, if their kit works well there, it’ll work pretty much anywhere. I’ve had numerous bits of kit over the years, (normal shorts, waterproof shorts, gilet, merino socks, trousers!) and my newest addition is the MT500 Long Sleeve jersey II.

I’ve been using a cheap Howies Dyfi jacket for a few years for commuting and mountain biking and although barely shower proof and completely lacking in any insulation, it’s done the job ok. In need of something a bit warmer, this jersey fitted the bill. It’s labelled as a jersey, but as it’s a full length zip it’s could be considered as thin jacket really. Well I do anyway.

Great use of material – ripstop for the arms (left), mesh for the ‘pits (middle) and thicker for the chest (right)

There’s a raft of different materials used for the jersey. The front is a medium-thickness windproofish material whilst the back panel is thinner to let your back breathe, ideal if wearing a pack. The sleeves are made of a ripstop fabric but definitely aren’t anything like a sweaty shell material. Then, there’s an almost-webbed fabric around the armpit areas to stop you overheating and on the shoulders, some silicone webbing is there to give your pack straps some grip. Basically, a lot of thought has gone into the design, putting the right fabrics in the right places and it makes it a  really comfy top to wear!

Rear stuff pockets and a zipped pocket

A chest pocket has an attached glasses wipe and also a port to thread earphones through, and on the back are two large stretch pockets, one of which has a zipped pocket included. The two stretch pockets are similar to what you get on XC jerseys, except that they’re larger and located slightly more to the sides, so easy to access when riding.

Chest pocket with glasses wipe and earphone port inside

The fit for me is bang on and so comfy that it has become my favourite bit of riding clothing over the winter. If it’s near freezing outside, a long sleeve base layer is all I’ve needed underneath and 10 degrees+, a merino t-shirt has been perfect.

There’s a touch of reflective material for the commute but if you prefer hi-viz for the road, there’s a yellow version too and although not waterproof, it’ll fend off a light shower without dampness getting through.

The only tiny thing I would change, is a bigger main zip pull for the front as it’s a little tricky to feel for and use when riding with gloves on as it’s quite small.

I can’t fault this at all. It’s comfy, well designed, a great fit and being Endura, will last a long time. And if you have a scout around online, you can pick them up for around £45 at the moment making it great value.

Pretty much perfect for Autumn through to Spring riding.


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