​”I got one, you got one, and now we equal

Sometimes it makes you trip out on your people

Sometimes it has connotations of evil

Sometimes n****s call on it when they need to

It’s called the ego

Ay, it’s hard to really make the subject positively stated

Some may hate it and some may overrate it

It’s a top story and you rarely see a trend

So all you psychoanalysts, pull out your pad and pen

It’s called the ego”

‘Ego’ – A Tribe Called Quest


Ok, so I’ve set up my very own Facebook ego page!


Well this is not because I have an inflated opinion of myself. Really, I don’t!

The reason is to help promote this blog which is steadily increasing in hits recently and also because, I’m concious of the fact that posting blog stuff on my personal FB page, may at times, come across a bit ‘spammy’ to some friends both bikey ones and non-bikey ones. It also gives people I don’t know personally a chance to follow my riding life without me adding them to my personal FB page, and I’ve had a few requests lately.

So, blog posts will be linked here, photos posted and the occasional #lameedit video. I’ll also be sharing any team, sponsor and supporter posts too, so if you feel spammed…tough luck princess, you signed up to this 😉

I’ll see how it goes…It might be worthwhile doing or it might flop hideously…who knows.

So please share my page and feel free to comment on and share any of the content I post up! 🤘

Head to the Facebook page and give it a Like!


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