2017 is still a little way off yet but it’s that time riders, race organisers teams and sponsors are starting to think about getting next year’s plans together…me included!

So what are my plans?  Well I’m still loosly thinking about what I want to do in 2017 and first and foremost, is a riding holiday abroad!  After years of watching mates jet off for a couple of late summer/early autumn breaks, I should finally be able to afford to join them!

But besides that, I’m starting to feel like I would like to do the whole British Enduro Series next year, as well as the Ard Rock Enduro and one or two rounds of regional series like Mini Enduro.

But here’s the issue…they aren’t cheap!  I was extremely fortunate enough to race the UK Gravity Enduro Series in 2015 for a team which covered race entries and I was also lucky enough to have a road-trip buddy to share fuel costs so that really helped me financially, but, at present, 2017 looks very much like a full solo ‘privateer’ affair.

Living in Cornwall means every race is between 400 and 1000 mile round trip and we’re a one-car family, so hiring a van for the weekend is usually needed and adds to the cost further. Sponsorship would be a massive help in allowing me to race a full national series and reduce the financial pressures at home.

Don’t get me wrong though, this isn’t a sob story and in no way do I feel like I deserve to be sponsored, but as they say…”you don’t get, if you don’t ask”, so here is what I am proposing to any potential sponsors:

What I would ideally like:

  • Full or part financial contribution towards race entries for the full British Enduro Series and possibly a regional series;


  • Fuel costs covered for attending British Enduro Series.
  • If sponsored by a bike shop or bike-related business, an attractive discount off products;
  • If sponsored by a van hire company, an attractive discount off weekend van hire rates;
  • For you to promote my blog and/or race reports on your web site or your social media channels;
  • For you to be interested in me, what I do and support me as a rider.

In return, I will:

  • Train throughout the 2016/17 winter to improve my bike skills and fitness further and post regular social media updates;
  • Give 100% at each and every race;
  • Promote you or your brand on my blog and social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+);
  • Provide timely race reports within one week of each race (most likely within 2 days);
  • Arrange to have your logo printed on my race jersey (sponsor to cover printing costs);
  • Represent you or your brand with honesty and integrity.

Now, If you’re looking for someone to get your brand up on the podium on a regular basis, unfortunately I’m unlikely to be that person.  I want a sponsor to be behind me fully and be supportive but I don’t want pressure to win…it’s simply not gonna happen as much as I’d want too!  However, as you can see from my Roots & Rain race history, I’m a top 50% rider in what is possibly the most competitive category in enduro racing – so I’m not too shabby. I have a reasonable presence on social media (links to my profiles at the bottom of the home page) and my blog is growing in hits every month.

So if you are a bike shop, local company, van hire business, pasty maker, butcher, baker or handlebar maker and like the idea of supporting an amateur mountain bike racer, then please get in touch via my contact page or message me on social media to see if we can help each other out.

Oh, and on the off chance McVities are reading this… I’ll stay off the brake for Jaffa Cake.





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