So finally, my other half is no longer on call which means I’m no longer shackled to local riding. Boom!  I made the most of it, and the unusually most excellent weather, to get out for a long ride yesterday and it felt amazing. 😀

Feeling a bit like a kid in a candy store, I wasn’t sure the night before where I’d go.  Up the coast and back in land?  Head south to a couple of hills and loop back around?  Ride over to Poldice (the local DH mecca) and back via the woods? With a sunny 20⁰C+ day forecast, it could only be one option – UP THE COOOAAAASSST!

With a hot day forecast and the fact I’ve not done a ride over 18 miles for a couple of months, I unusually filled the Camelbak up with energy drink, stuffed a couple of energy bars in the hip pockets and shot out the front door at 9am sharp on my Rallon.  Dropping down to the woods, the trails were running as dry as they’d been all year and the only moisture I encountered, unfortunately, was when I got shat on by a bird that had probably, and literally, had the crap scared out of it when it saw a fluro yellow monster looming at it through the leafy green undergrown!

A couple of fun descents then a spin towards Porthtowan up the old tramline path that’s now a pedestrian/cycle route.  I intended to drop down the valley side into Porthtowan at sea level down a fun and fast trail but unfortunately the field access had been turned into some sort of hippie/alternative festival with a big-top, stage and camping enclosed in 7 foot high fencing, so I had to take the fast but boring alternative down the main road.  A nice climb up, spin along the coastal path and fun descent down into Chapel Porth with some awesome views of down to the beach before heading in land and meandering through some new-to-me bridleways.  Navigation consisted of using my memory after scouring OS maps the night before, and it was 100% accurate eventually getting back to some familiar trails a bit later on.

A climb up to the top of the biggest hill in the area, Carn Marth (235 metres ASL) followed by one of my favourite descents around down the other side , then I headed back home via more shared-use off-road paths, taking in a quick cheeky run through my local woods to finish it off.

Not a cloud in the sky!

The ride ended up being 31 miles which is my longest ride of the year, and despite riding the ‘big bike’ and a lack of descent mileage recently, my legs still felt pretty good when I got back.  I’ve got out of the habit of using energy drink over the last couple of years, but it definitely had a positive effect yesterday!

So it all came together yesterday – no time restraints, no distance restraints, amazing weather, dry trails, bike working perfectly, legs feeling like they could pedal all day…

…if I hadn’t been shat on, it would’ve been perfect!



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